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Accounting Career in Australia

Accounting Career Australia

It is well said that, accounting jobs can prove to be a stepping stone towards your rewarding career. In Australia, to begin your banking as well as finance career, you can apply for various accounting, executive and finance jobs as well. The availability of serviced office space in Australia has given visibility to various local and small scale companies. There are many accounting companies having offices in serviced space and if you are looking for a job, just go and try your luck there.

The job market has numerous financial jobs in Australia such as graduate accounting jobs, senior ones like accounts received, accounts payable jobs as well. As accounting services are in huge demand across various sectors, you can get every role that suits all your requirements and qualification.

In Australia, accounting is commonly known as the language of business. The knowledge it provides is enough for any business person to seek for expenditure or to strive for profit. Accounting professionals mostly interact with all levels of businesses and most of them consider it as a very interesting job. Two main aspects of seeking an accounting  jobs in Australia are eligibility criteria as well as type of accounting jobs.

Eligibility Criteria-

An individual with a systematic approach as well as technical expertise of accounting, technicalities, mathematical aptitude and well versed with the computers will be given the first preference. Basic eligibility for seeking an accounting job in Australia will be four years of college in accounting or any related field. The ones who have done their accounting via internet are also supposed to be eligible in the Australian accounting industry. If you’ve any prior experience as an accountant or a trainee auditor, it will be helpful in terms of the job. In many Australian companies, a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) is much preferred.

Types of Accounting Jobs-

After accounting degree, one can qualify for Registered Public Accountant (RPA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. It isn’t compulsory; you can even get good jobs as an accountant or a trainee in private companies as well as government offices without the license. One can also excel towards the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position, in a long run. If you’re a certified accounting professional, then you seek job as an auditor, management accountant, financial officer, tax consultant or a budget analyst. There are even many career options for the ones who have specialized in accounting like forensic accounting or teaching accounting.


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